Plantation Series

Plantation Series homes range from 500 to 2,600 square foot, with both single or multi-section home available. Plantation Series homes are nearly indistinguishable to most site-built homes. They are equipped with easily customizable designs and a variety of floor plans.

*Please note: floor plans and features are subject to change. 

  • 2’x6’ walls
  • Customizable, with over 30 different upgrades available
  • Array of vibrant interior paint colors to bring your home to life
  • Customized entertainment centers to fit even the largest TVs
  • Energy Star certified and approved
  • Multiple models to choose from

The Plantation Series is built in a controlled factory environment, so every part of the home from the front door to the bathroom sink is protected from weather damage, vandalism, and other unforeseen hazards. The Plantation Series homes are just another example of the guarantee the quality and integrity that Wayne Frier Home Center of Waycross offers every day.

Arlington: 4 Bedroom/3 Bathroom 2,514 sq. ft.

Biltmore: 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 2,340 sq. ft.

Blakely: 4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 2,273 sq. ft. 

Hilton: 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 1,795 sq. ft. 

Oxford: 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 1,795 sq. ft.

Patriot: 4 Bedroom/2 Bathrooms 2,254 sq. ft. 

Ponderosa: 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 2,013 sq. ft.

Stafford: 4 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms 2,254 sq. ft.

Rockport: 4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 2,273 sq. ft.

Veranda: 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 1,795 sq. ft.

Victorian: 4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom 2,254 sq. ft.